Wedding season is here!

Hope is rising with the tulips and daffodils that weddings will be able to go ahead soon! We sympathize with so many couples who have put their plans on hold for so long! I hope that all who have waited, planned and dreamed will realize their special day soon just as they have imagined it!

Even with some limitations in place with the number of guests and outdoor vs indoor, there are many creative ways to achieve a beautiful and memorable day! Florals can go a long way to making spaces beautiful and lush. You can create pathways, backdrops, and focal areas that take a space from ordinary to extraordinary!

Consider using both cut flowers and potted plants to decorate your spaces! Local greenhouses here in Ontario grow an amazing variety of both, so you can buy local and have beautiful, fresh florals! From mums, to gerbera daisies, orchids and jasmine! There are so many options!

Explore your options with a free consultation with me and we can develop creative ideas together! All the best to couples on their wedding day!